Saturday, 26 February 2011

Four seasons project

Got back today from the artsycraft event! Amazing, awesome, will post pictures of the projects asap as my lovely daughter has lent me a camera.

Here however is a project I am sharing with my sister. We have challenged each other to create four interpretations of the seasons in any medium not more than 10" square.
Little sis is doing some beautiful embroidery, but I have decided to use my stamps and autumn urban sceneto make it a little more difficult I am trying to recreate urban scenes. Here I have used paperbag studios, paper artsy and Tim Holtz stamps, distress inks, Martha Stewart railling punch and Tim's alterations die and embossing folder, plus a small leaf punch I have had for years!
My current challenge of winter is proving difficult as I want the pictures to carry on from each other (rather like that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant walks through the market!).
I shall post it shortly, I'm struggling with the snow at present!
Back soon with photo's of my alteration box!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Great start

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to all the kind folks who commented on my first blogs. It was very exciting and I really want to get going, but alas!! I have lost (mislaid?) my camera and I am so frustrated as I have a project I want to share!

Also I am going to a workshop on Friday with yes, you've guessed it - Tim Holtz! I am so excited and can't believe I've lost my precious camera, how will I record this great event?
I will be back asap and hopefully said camera will reappear or I will get paid and try and buy a new one!
Best wishes to you all, and thank you again.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Moth Fab

This is my friend Moth Fab and she has been feeling a little flat and colourless too.

blog matter 005
So I thought I would cheer her up with a nice cake from an old cook book I recently found.

blog matter 006
As I turned to the cake page and old envelope fell out with a recipe on it!blog matter 007
Well I thought, must try this!
Remember my little man Twinkie I caught in a mason jar? Well, he is missing a hair as we speak!
3 Mwah's. mmm, all I had were these dehydrated matter 009
However, they plumped up nicely after a good soaking!
blog matter 010
1oz of Passion, that's a challenge. I looked everywhere and then found this couple, weblog matter 011
I thought they looked pretty passionate!
Now for 2 tbsps of heart, luckily I had just been to my local supermarket and had one! blog matter 013
So after simmering and sieving I gave some to Moth -
blog matter 014

She soon got her colour back!

blog matter 015

So off I went for a cup of tea, but when I got back to the craft room Twinkie had escaped as I had left the lid off the jar, and the pair of them had taken up residence in my art journal, and made a right mess of the page. He won't give me my stamp pad back either!

blog matter 017

Ah well, at least they look happy!

I'm going to have to work on how I present photo's and text and take better photographs!

Never mind, hopefully I will soon get the hang of it!