Monday, 7 February 2011

Moth Fab

This is my friend Moth Fab and she has been feeling a little flat and colourless too.

blog matter 005
So I thought I would cheer her up with a nice cake from an old cook book I recently found.

blog matter 006
As I turned to the cake page and old envelope fell out with a recipe on it!blog matter 007
Well I thought, must try this!
Remember my little man Twinkie I caught in a mason jar? Well, he is missing a hair as we speak!
3 Mwah's. mmm, all I had were these dehydrated matter 009
However, they plumped up nicely after a good soaking!
blog matter 010
1oz of Passion, that's a challenge. I looked everywhere and then found this couple, weblog matter 011
I thought they looked pretty passionate!
Now for 2 tbsps of heart, luckily I had just been to my local supermarket and had one! blog matter 013
So after simmering and sieving I gave some to Moth -
blog matter 014

She soon got her colour back!

blog matter 015

So off I went for a cup of tea, but when I got back to the craft room Twinkie had escaped as I had left the lid off the jar, and the pair of them had taken up residence in my art journal, and made a right mess of the page. He won't give me my stamp pad back either!

blog matter 017

Ah well, at least they look happy!

I'm going to have to work on how I present photo's and text and take better photographs!

Never mind, hopefully I will soon get the hang of it!


  1. This is wicked! Loving the story theme :o)

    Don't forget to link to your blog when you comment on others. Then they can see your wonderful creations too! I'll show you how to do that if you're not sure. Love you Mummy! xxx

  2. I love this! She looks so funny with the googly eyes!
    Fab page - thanks for joining us at Stampotique.

  3. What a fabulous page, love the elements you combined. Thank you for joining us at the Stampotique designers challenge

  4. Wonderful and funny artwork! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  5. Hello Barb

    Fab story ~ I love the idea of dehydrated mwahs ~ there's nothing wrong with a good soaking (saves space)! Do you think we could use them at work? We could give them out in little muslin bags ~ lol!

  6. adorable page! i like it! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designers Challenge

  7. Fabulous creation and love the story! Thanks for playing with us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

  8. LOL what fun!!! I love your page and the story, especially the bit about TWinkie escaping!!!

  9. Great tanke on this theme, funny story.

  10. Sooooo funny, you put a smile on my face LOL. Great inspiration. Tracy Evans x

  11. That is so funny and cute! Thank you for joining the Stampotique designer challenge! Happy Valentines day!

  12. VERY VERY clever... I LOVE THIS... Barb, it made me hoot, I have visions of Twinkie running amok with the Stampotique girls now... THANKS for joining in with teh SUnday sTamper.. ooh and also the Stampotique Challenge too! xx

  13. Ha ha ha! I really enjoyed your illustrated story :-) What a wonderful imagination you have. Thanks for joining the Stampotique Designers Challenge :-) Kate

  14. that's mad and funny, thanks for taking part in the stampotique challenge

  15. Sooo funny Barb, I love your sense of humour, I had visions of naughtiness going on with Twinkie and the girls and so rearranged the shelves in the shop to keep him under control...

  16. What an incredible story.I am exhausted after reading it !!
    Thanks for your kind thoughts and comment about my hand!
    Sue xx

  17. Not only do I adore your blogging style but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your art journal page. Sure hope you find your camera and have a brilliant visit with Mr. Holtz! We'll be anxiously awaiting your next Stampotique project!
    Val :)