Sunday, 6 March 2011

The tale of Eric, the configuration box and my Stampotique surprise!

Here at long last is a photograph of the box I did at the paperartsy day with Tim Holtz!Fabulous day, I really enjoyed myself and met some lovely people. The man himself is lovely, really friendly and nothing too much trouble. Lin and Leandra were lovely, their workshop was awesome too!
eric 2 005

However, when I got back to the craft room and put the box up I noticed Eric was looking very depressed.

He had dressed himself in my grey promarker set and had a gloomy cloud over him.
He wanted to know why I hadn't taken him to the workshop and why couldn't he be in the box? I tried explaining that although I was an eclectic stamper, some styles didn't really go together. He got very cross with me and said that I hadn't even tried. To try and cheer him up I popped him in the box next to the bird cage.

Well, the language! He complained that the bird cage kept banging him on the head and the d****** bird was giving him a headache! If he went on like this it would be more than 'After therapy mints' he would needing! Oh dear, so I offered to shrink him so he would fit in another space.

This didn't please him either, he said he was a 5" stamp and that was how I should use him! So I got out my grungepaper and used that, telling him that I would be able to bend him a little then.

He started to complain of backache and headache and everything ache, although he said the colour of the grunge suited his mood completely. Was there anything I could do to cheer him up?
Oh yes, I told him that the wonderful people at Stampotique had awarded me a $30 certificate for my entry into the Stampotique designers challenge for valentine love. I noticed then that he had blushed a rosy red colour, even his knees were blushing!

I knew what was up! He had formed an undying passion for Olivia, so I told him I would order him for her and they could stand together on my shelf in the craft room. Worked a treat, next time I saw him he was clutching a red rose and a box of choccies! Thand you so much lovely people at Stampotique, you have saved the day!!

All peaceful in the craft room for a while!


  1. Fantastic blog!! absolutely hilarious and I cant wait to see Eric and Olivia together soon. Brilliant idea.x

  2. Great configuration and fabulous story, poor Eric, so glad to hear Olivia is coming to stay soon to keep him company on the self LOL. Tracy Evans x

  3. He he... that cheeky Eric! Don't you think he looks a little like Dad with his pink shiny head? (Don't tell him I said that!) xxx

  4. Love what you have done with your configuration box Barbara!
    Reading cheeky Eric's story put a smile on my face :) Soooo glad that he will be getting a new little friend soon!

    Jan x

  5. LOL at Eric the moaner! Fabulous story :-)
    So glad you enjoyed your Tim Holtz workshop!

  6. Who knew that Eric was soooo spoiled??!!! At least he kept smiling through all of his trial and tribulations! ROFL!! Brilliant project and a joy to read!
    Val :)

  7. awe, Bless Eric!
    My first time visit to your blog. You have many beautiful creations. Your box is stunning.
    Enjoy your new Vegabond!

  8. What a great story...I am smiling and giggling. So glad that Eric found love.....