Saturday, 20 August 2011

I've been waxing!

No, not a visit to the beauticians, but a great workshop at the given by the great Hels. You can find her at but I guess everyone must know the host of the Sunday Stampers! She is a lovely teacher and I had a really enjoyable day learning all about applying beeswax. Here is my effort:
The other ladies made their own unique take on the same frame and we all had a lovely time. Thank you so much Hels and Wendy! Please note my beeswax rose at the top! I have never been able to make one quite like this, but Hels shared her tips and bobs your uncle, a near perfect rose as ever I have produced!
I'm off now to melt and play with my purchases, one of which is a new Dina Wakley stamp. I also have some pieces of mountboard donated by Thelma who was also at the workshop. Aren't crafters generous souls? A perfect day!  Hope you are all having one too.


  1. Barbara this is lovely and your Rose is gorgeous. So pleased you enjoyed your workshop, it's always great to have a play date isn't it? Tracy x

  2. Well it was wonderful to see you and we are so glad you had a great day Barbara. Your rose is is your lovely wax frame.........xx

  3. ohhhh i love this! cant wait to come round and learn.x brill!