Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ink Blender Happiness!

Hi everyone. Here is a little tale. When I did the Creative Chemistry Course I was smitten with the little green eyed god when Tim showed us his collection of ink blending tools, one for each colour. There is no way I can afford to buy that many, lovely as they are, so I set about trying to find a way to make one. On a trip with my hubby to a local bargain shop I found three childrens garden tools for 99p and dear hubby said he could saw off the handles, drill a hole, buy some wooden ply and make a near as dammit tool for me. Then I cut out some play foam, stuck it on and then added some velcro. I then coloured each label and added a typed label...voila!
The next best bit came when I arrived home from a trip with my youngest daughter to find he had made this splendid tower from ply, spring clips from Ebay and yes, each circle turns!!! There is enough for 48 tools, so three are vacant, waiting for the summer limited edition colours later this year. He is the best and it was a fabulous birthday pressie.
Incase you are wondering we reckon each blender cost under 50p to make, now that I could afford!
No I'm everso sorry girls, I can't lend him out, it's taken 45 years to train him up! Isn't he the bestest tho? I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OMG, that is fantastic Barb!! What a clever hubby you have!!
    Jan x

  2. WOW thats fabulous - don't suppose you can name the "bargain" shop with the children's tools could you?

  3. awww bless him, you deffo have a keeper there hun. LOVE your tower of delights, tis very professional... hope all is goodly with you x

  4. Absolutely FANTASTIC, very clever, very creative and so useful too. You are both very clever. I also want to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog you always make my day, thanks. Tracy x x

  5. Now, that IS amazing...I love it! Such a clever idea. Have a creative ball using it.

  6. Wohow, such an amazing thing :)

  7. Oh this is a Great Idea!!! such a Sweet BD supprise too!!!!
    Love it!