Monday, 1 April 2013

My first inchies!

Had a little play and made my first inchies. I had little pieces of wood cut into one inch squares and had fun with my first distress paints. Didn't really know where I was going with this, it kind of evolved but it sure was fun and I'm probably going to have yet another thing I love playing with!

I mounted them on a little chubby canvas that I distressed painted as well. Those distress paints are wonderful -  must get the whole set now and I'm so NEEDING the new metallic ones! I have run out of miniscule bits and bobs so now will be on the hunt. I'm going away with my dearest eldest daughter very soon and am thinking I might make an inchie souvenier book. I wonder what I can play with next? This is a lovely Easter Monday, just the two of us today and we are both playing. Hope you are all having fun too. x


  1. These are wonderful Barbara. And how nice to be spending quality crafty time with your daughter :0) Mo

  2. This is a gorgeous canvas, what a great way to play with your paints! I still haven't got my mits on a any, but am hoping to stock up at the Ally Pally show next week as I have some stash pennies to spend! Carole Z X

  3. Hi Barb, I called by yesterday but could not see the picture and alas, I cannot see it today either. It must be my end because you were not the first. Anyway, it is lovely that you got to spend quality crafty time with your Daughter. Hugs, Anne x

  4. Oh this is fab Barb...I used to be addicted to inchies!!..such a fun and teeny size to decorate! I've got lots of miniscule bits and bobs in my craft stash...if you still need some Barb...give me a shout and I'll send you some little crafty bits to decorate your inchies :) Jan x