Sunday, 14 July 2013

Now don't laugh!

I really am not designed for the heat and the craftroom is like a steam room and so I really have not been able to do any papercrafting. I've tried but everything looks wrong and I can't finish it so I thought I would just show you my first attempt at rust printing! I have recently subscribed to Linda and Laura Kemshall's DMTV and have been enjoying their video lessons. If you have not already discovered their beautiful work and blogs please start here  because their art work is fabulous! Rust printing was one of the lessons and here are my pieces of fabric waiting to be included in my first attempt at an art quilt.

005 004 003 002
I have little piles of fabric I keep stroking now. I have made patchwork bed quilts and wall hangings in the past but am excited about the prospect of making an art quilt. I am determined to do this methodically and not rush in as I usually do. I'm working on some sketch books of ideas at the moment and will post a view of these when I think I have done something you may like to see.
Well done Chris in the Tour, I have just sat in front of the tv with a fan full on yelling my head off at the end. Goodness knows how they manage to ride like that up mountains, I felt ill just looking at them! Talk about modern day gladiators, it was marvellous! Hope you are all surviving in the sun, hope to be back soon with something papery and crafty! XX


  1. That sounds really interesting to use rust prints in a quilt, and would love to see the finished piece. Therefore, I hope you will post pictures. I love rusty things, and have incorporated them into my artwork in the past, but not as prints. However, there is another artist friend of mine in San Antonio, TX, that uses rust prints in her homemade paper. Blessings, my friend, and stay cool!

  2. I am not laughing at all, I am marvelling at how you created that gorgeous rusting! Look forward to seeing your art quilt. Chris was amazing, the way he just sprints ahead of his rivals after slogging up that mountain - an amazing guy indeed! Hugs, Anne x

  3. This looks so intriguing and I am already excited to see the finished quilt! I haven't been able to relax in my craft room in this heat, all I got done this weekend was some rubber stamping in the garden! Hugs, Carole Z

  4. Wow...loving the look of your rust printed fabric :) sounds like an interesting lesson....I've also been playing a lot with fabric lately and rather fancy making a little art quilt myself to add to gradually :) ...Can't wait to see the progression of your art quilt Barb...