Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Drinks all round!

Got up early this morning and had to take these photographs after the garden had a drink!
garden in may 005
Pinks in Paradise!

garden in may 002

garden in may 001
My climbing rose now sprawling in drunken loveliness across the arch.
garden in may 003
Beauty for the birds to bathe and drink by.
garden in may 004
The chamomile swirl starting to spread. The pool in the middle is waiting for a home made fountain!
Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Oh Mummy, that's lovely! Thanks for sharing :o) You have a lovely day too xxxxxx

  2. Hi Barb
    You have a beautiful garden: the rose with the rain or dew drops is stunning. You have some of my favourites there!
    You should write a novel, 'The Chamomile Swirl'; I'd buy a copy!

    Looking forward to seeing the fountain when it's done. 'Home made'.... is intriguing!
    Sue xx