Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another shot at pale!

I am not one to give up easy, so here is another go at pale using one of my all time favoroute stamps, Percinni's Muse by Stampington.
pucinnis muse
Some butterfly wings, scrim, patterned parchment, punched lace, distress ink, old book pages, lace and some butterflys. It is in silence that the muse sings the loudest and in this very noisy world I have grown to love silence but it is very hard to find. However, I should not like it all the time and am grateful for my hearing aids. How else would I catch bird song and the beating of butterfly wings? Do you create in silence or do you need your favoroute music or the sound of the home beating behind you?


  1. Lovely pale piece Barbara, I love this image too but not used in a while. Love the lace and scrim and all the layers. SILENCE what is that, I would have to send my children on a course, they do not do silence LOL. I sometimes create in silence and sometime with the tv on watching Wimbledon for instance, whatever mood I'm in at the time. Tracy x

  2. Very pretty!
    I love silence, in fact I'm passionate about it..never can get enough, though!!
    Sue xx

  3. Some lovely work over here on your blog. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on mine. Tis a great era we live in to be able to see so much of other people's work.........

  4. Another lovely piece of work Barb. Silence, with my neighbours, what's that? lol! However, I do enjoy peace and quiet, sailing along on the ocean waves or lying in the bath comtemplating! On the other hand, I like listening to my ipod too. Sadly, the world is a very busy place and silence does come at a premium ~ it's nice to dream though .........! H xxxxx

  5. A wonderful little hanging :)
    This stamp, was one of my first stamps!
    As for creating silence versus noise, I have no choice in my household, with 3 noisy boys... but even when they are out I have to have some music on, I do like a little background noise at all times!
    Jan x