Friday, 16 September 2011

Off for a girl's break!

Well, I really wanted to post some wondrus item I had produced this week, and in fact have made a box with a 'porcelain' flower on top, but I am off for a girly break with my little sister and her two friends and the camera is packed! It's about the only thing that is mind, I have to shoot off to work, then fly home, pack the rest and then sis is picking me up for our adventure! We are staying in her Spanish residence, so plenty of sun, wine and chocolate. I have loaded up the kindle, packed the suntan lotion and  sketch book and am leaving dearest hubbysand in charge of Hermione and Molly our cats! Have a good week everyone, I shall try my best to enjoy myself!!


  1. Yay! Have a super, well earned rest Mummerla! Looking forward to seeing lots of photos xxx

  2. have a lovely time, it sounds like fun.
    hugs June x

  3. Lucky, lucky you. Have a fantastc time, I shall be thinking of you. Should get some good sketching in; do show what you come up with, when you return.
    Have fun!
    Sue Allan xxx