Monday, 2 January 2012

Didn't quite make it!

Happy New Year everyone! I tried really hard but couldn't quite finish Tim's tags, did 10 and ran out of time!  So here, in no particular order are the ten I have managed.

tims tags  2011

I shall carry on and do the other two, but oh , I had such high hopes. A challenge or two, finish the tags, make a calender page for January in my journal, produce something original and creative! To be sure I am not clear where this week went and now I am back to work. Perhaps I shall manage more when I am juggling my hours? I hope you all had a splendid time, for me it is back to the diet and a year full of good intentions.
I shall keep my craft room tidy!
I shall produce something every week.
I shall not eat chocolate as if it is going out of fashion.
I shall do new challenges.

Heavens, I need something more exciting than that.

Here goes:
I shall live everyday to the full.
I shall try and make a difference every day, however small it is.
I shall find something magic in everyday of the year.
Whenever it rains I will jump in the puddles!

Happy crafting in 2012 to everyone xx


  1. Happy New Year. Least you managed 10, I did none LOL. Great tags. Tracy x

  2. Barb can you send email to me at charleyarry23@aol dot com

    All I need to get you on Tag Tuesday is your email address best wishes, Carolyn xx