Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January's tuesday tags.

I am enjoying being part of http://tagtuesday.blogspot.com/ and have decided to store each month's efforts in a large sketch book I was given as it will hold five tags for a long month.
January's tags

I sprayed the page with blue ink over a very large snowflake stencil. I want to add the word January and descriptions of each tag but do not have the stamps in the font that I want, so will add those later. I didn't want to glue them in incase I wanted to display them later individually. So I brought some discounted Christmas card hangers which comprised of a strip of velcro with little sticky pieces for the backs of the cards.
sticky tags!
They now peel out very nicely with no damage. As lots of us make tags I thought this might interest some of you? Happy crafting and keep warm! x


  1. Gorgeous tags! lovely textures. Kim

  2. What a great way to display your tags Barb, Your January collection look soooo fabulous all together!
    Jan x

  3. Im loving this mum - lots of work has gone into this. Fantastic.x

  4. Fabulous idea about displaying the tags!! I have a large, and growing pile in the Fun Room, and I'm really at a loss of what to do. I thought about an instruction type book, but then Tim took care of that for me, and so your idea seems quite brilliant to me.

  5. Hi Barb, I read back on the Tag Tuesday comments to find your link to read again about this lovely book, I remembered I had a smaller square spiral bound sketchbook and after a lot of thought I think Im gonna use it for keeping my tags in thanks for the tip on using the velcro. The pages are smaller so I wont get 5 on each one like yours but Im going to have great fun decorating the pages :) Your tags for January look brilliant all displayed in this way! I would love to see all of the pages when they are complete.