Thursday, 26 July 2012

We are ready!

Beautiful daughter no 2 is about to make me a first time Grandmother. In fact 'Rocket Booster' which is the name of her bump was due yesterday so you can understand we are all in a state of heightened excitement! We don't know if it is a girl or a boy but one thing is certain, he/she will be a bike rider! My lovely son in law and my Jenni are avid cyclists and very fit and good at it  too. We all got into the Tour de France this year and were delighted with Bradley and Chris and team Sky - yahoo for Britain!
If you are cycling fans then you will have seen the support cars for the men, and so here is ours - we are all ready and waiting if we are needed!
team purcell
You can see my Molly cat by the camper in the back of the photo, she isn't sure what is going on! So what can I say, the support team are all ready and waiting, I will let you know as soon as baby Purcell arrives! x