Wednesday, 19 September 2012


During my visit to Sally I paid a visit to the lovely church in Nantwich while Sal went to an important meeting nearby. I fell in love with the fabulous West Wall curtain and when I got talking to a lovely lady doing some beautiful flowers she told me the tale of the black knickers!

This fabulous couple are part of the rich stump work on the curtain and she told me that when the lady who created them found out that they would be place above eye level she put a pair of black knickers with a red lacy trim on the lady! Now I didn't peep, but what a delicious story! The curtain is full of wonderful characters and it inspired me to try my tag for the tag tuesday challenge in said stump work which I have not tried before. The theme this week is Owls, so here he is:

Having tried this I am more in awe of the fabulous work on the curtain. Owly was made out of pieces of Harris tweed and lots of buttons from my stash. The branch was tissue tape wrapped around wire with a distressed stained punched leaf and a glass pebble for the moon. I tried for a Barn Owl and so his heart shaped face was cut from muslin, frayed and stained around the edge with distress and a little felt beak. My stitching needs working on but fun to do. Have a good day everyone! x


  1. Aw he is GORGEOUS... I haven't heard of stump work... am off to see Mr Google, see if he can help me out... fab work Barbara x

  2. Ooh Barbara you visited Nantwich. That is only ten minutes from where I live. So pleased you enjoyed your visit. I love your owl, fantastic texture and dimension, love him. Tracy x

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