Saturday, 2 June 2012

A month of Tuesdays.

Happy bank holiday everyone, hope you are all having a fab time. I thought I would post my month of Tag Tuesday challenges for the month of May as I have now put them into my large sketch book that I am saving them in. I love taking part in the group and I am trying out different mixed media techniques as far as possible, although often stray back to my beloved stamps!
A month of Tuesdays
There are quite a mixture of different styles this month. The first one was 'Sewing' and so I had to use my Tim Holtz die cut didn't  I? I dressed it in pieces of material and tissue paper and white paper as if the dressmaker was in the process of cutting and fitting out a dress for herself.
sewing tag tuesday
The second one was labelled baking, and so I recycled an old card I had received that made me laugh, added a cotton hankie pinny and some epoxy wine bottles!
tag tuesday baking

The third week was about gardening. Now my favourite garden (after my own of course) has to be Monet's garden at Giverney that I was lucky enough to visit about 20 years ago. I did three simple tags, one with a painting of his garden by the man himself, another with a photograph of Monet standing in his garden and the third of my younger and so much slimmer self standing on the same bridge. I copied them onto canvas paper and sewed them onto calico that I coloured with acrylic paints and then glued them onto recycled cardboard packing.
tag tueday gardens
tag tuesday gardens

tag tuesday gardens

The fourth week was entitled 'Found Objects' and so I needle felted my impression of the sea in Cornwall with pieces of felt, chiffon, sari silk lace and roving and used a found shell and piece of bleached rope that I found on the shore at Hayle, just down the road from St Ives. This really was the colour of the sea when we were there, it was magic!

tag tuesday

The last week was to incorporate bunting in some form, and still full of salty tang and seagull cry I used a lovely little stamp by Docrafts that I had recently brought. I watercoloured it and then painstakingly cut out little bits of streamer for the bunting - the first lot ended up on the floor and I had to recut before I quickly glued it down! Very fiddly, why do bits like that always end up on the floor where I can't find them until I have made another lot?
Tag Tuesday. Bunting

Thank you very much if you have managed to stay through this lot! Never sure whether to post the same thing on both blogs but thought I would continue with my months worth in one go on my own blog. Have a most splendid bank holiday whatever you are doing. I shall play again if the sun continues to play hide and seek. Hugs to all xx


  1. Lovely collection Mummy! Still looking as gorgeous now as you did 20 years ago too :o) xxx

  2. Fabulous Barbara, a wonderful selection of creations, love all the different, ideas, techniques and mediums. Enjoy your weekend. Tracy x

  3. You've been very creative, fantastic pieces.

  4. Hi Barb, Just popped in to look at your blog. I think this tag is brilliant! Sorry I didn't get chance to leave a comment on Tag Tuesday. It is a bit of a dilemma, isn't it, what to post on two blogs, but it was a good idea to post a month's tags together. I am going to enjoy looking at your old posts now!
    Jane x

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