Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday Stamper 210: This Boy

Here is my Sunday Stamper contribution for this week. I decided to put my on-going banner to one side for this challenge as I thought you might all like a story about This boy!
Now, are you sitting comfortably?
Then I'll begin.......

Once upon a time there was a very ordinary little prince.

He wasn't tall and handsome. He needed a step ladder to mount a trusty steed and he had never fought a dragon in his life, but he was kind and thoughtful and good to his Mum and Dad and the palace servants. This however was not good enough for all the princesses that lived near and far to his little kingdom. It made the ordinary little prince very sad as he dearly wanted to marry and have a family.

sunday stamper that boy

One day he was out walking when he spied a young maiden kneeling by a pond. When she stood up he thought she was gorgeous despite her very strange cosmetic choice.

sunday stamper that boy

He asked her who she was and she replied that she was an ordinary little princess that really wanted to fall in love with a prince but none of the princes that she had met were interested in her.
'Could it be because you are wearing green lipstick?' he asked politely, falling instantly in love with her despite her verdant lips.
'Oh' she replied, blushing a fiery red, 'That is because I am trying to kiss all the frogs in this pond incase one of them is a prince!'
'Well,' said the ordinary little prince, 'I am an ordinary little prince but I should love to marry you!'
And so it came to pass that they were married very soon after.

sunday stamper that boy

They had a very small wedding because no-one thought they were important enough to bother with, but all the servants came and a great time was had by one and all. No good fairies attended the bash but then no wicked fairies came either and so they went to live in their little kingdom.
There they raised a large loving family and despite being economically challenged they were rich in love. They all grew into well rounded human beings despite the general lack of the x factor and loved and looked after their parents for many many years. And so they all lived happily ever after.

This all goes to show that you don't need to kiss a frog to find a loving prince.
Sunday Stamper that boy

The end.

Stamps curtesy of Stampotique with distress marker pens to colour. Frog from a long time ago hidden in my craftroom.
Hope this bit of daftness qualifies for Sunday Stamper, you did say it could be anything Hels!


  1. Oh I love your story, it is absolutely fabulous and I do so like a happy (hoppy) ending! Those stamps are just so cute and so wierd all at the same time - love your colouring and particularly like the bride - so much fun, thank you!

  2. Really enjoyed this lovely story - very fun.x I like the stamps too. What happened to the boy who tried to fit in the box?

  3. Fabulous, I love your little story and I always love happy endings. Is the top hat a stamp? I love their outfits and the frog is fabulous. Beautifully executed. Tracy x

  4. I LOVE IT... she says shoutingly :O)) Seeing a little story emerging is always fun but hearing it? THE BEST... thanks for sharing your imagination and creativity with us... I am smiling biiiig now... oh and thanks for joining in with the Sunday Stamper too! xx

  5. fabulous work - made me smile xx

  6. Wow! What am enchanting little love story you've written. I love the way you used the stamps to illustrate the story too. Very creative. Blessings!