Saturday, 9 June 2012

My first angel

Hi peeps. I have two favourite magazines, The Craft Stamper and Stitch. In the latest issue of Stitch there is an article by Annette Emms - 'A Fluttering of Angels' where she shows you how to make little Angels using embellishing, embroidery and bits and bobs. Quite taken with them I am, so here is my first one, I hope that I will be able to make some more and have a Flutterings  of Angels for my craft room. I'm not sure how to mount or display them, anyone got any ideas? On a canvas perhaps, or put loops on them to hang as Annette has in the article?
Lots of room for improvement, I will try chiffon embellished over the felt instead of dyed scrim, so watch this space! See you soon, hugs xx


  1. Fabulous, your angel looks great, wonderful texture.

  2. Oh I LOVE your angel Barb...all those gorgeous textures and colours, I will have to look out for that 'Stitch' magazine! They would be great as little wall hangings or even attached to a canvas?
    Jan x

  3. Fabulous angel Barbara, love all the texture and differing layers, adds so much interest. Tracy x