Thursday, 21 June 2012

Playing Day!

I should be ironing and shopping and dusting and hoovering and such things but I keep getting called to the craft room, so what's a girl to do? To start off here is my second angel, she is my night angel I hope to make quite a few all under different themes.
Night Angel
I am getting very fond of these little angels, they are fun to pick up and add a bit to in the evening. If you missed my previous angel it's a few posts behind this one. I am not technically minded and don't know how to link it back without losing all I have written, I shall have to call on Beautiful daughter number 2 who set this blog up for me, she is so clever and will tell me how to do it in a trice! All made from bits and bobs from my stash. The stars were a challenge to find and so I punched out some from card and then punched a little hole in the centre so that I could sew them on.
I thought I would post my make from Hels workshop at the Stamp Attic last Saturday. I had such a good time, Hels is a great tutor and Wendy is a lovely hostess and owns one of the best shops in the world!
Worksop with Hels
I am now in love with Art Parts and Wendy Vecchi stamps and bit and bobs, so had a bit of a spend, well it would be rude not to wouldn't it? So here is one I made at home all on my own for a very special friend, if she is reading this I wonder if she can guess it's for her?
My own piece of studio 490
I have parted with a little owl modelled from beeswax that I made in the last workshop I went to so I shall have to invest in some moulds I think! These art parts are great to use and fun to find toning pieces to put on the shelf. This photograph is not very good, the background could be better, please bear with me, the light is going as the sky is getting ready to drought down. I  think I shall have to set up a permanent backdrop thingy, thinking cap on now!

Well, the housework beckons, hmmm, on the other hand........... xx


  1. How creative, these are fantastic pieces.

  2. Love the last piece especially Mummy.... just my colours! I'm sure your special friend will love it :o) No problem to show you how to link back either... remind me next time I'm round xxxxxx