Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Playing with my present!

I have been playing with my sewing machine and down loaded a free pattern to make a box with felt, pelmet stiffener and some cotton. It was a tadge fiddly and my fingers have punctured from the hand sewing but great fun. Lots of mistakes but here it is.

Here is a little box I just made with felt and Vylene from a down loaded pattern to learn from my new sewing machine. Many hours later with punctured fingers from the hand sewing here it, mistakes and all! This is another first for me as I have posted on my iPad not my lap top, so fingers crossed!
I have now got a decision to make. The last twenty odd years have seen me doing lots and lots of studying for my profession, yet I work better with goals to aim for. So, do I attempt something like a City and Guilds course to perfect skills from the bottom up, or just plunge in and play? I really don't know, I shall have to ponder for a bit longer I think. Meanwhile I have a day coming up where I Take my new machine to a workshop to learn the embroidery bit of it! I will keep you posted.
Off to work now, have a good day. X

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  1. Hi Barb, I can't see the photo..it's not showing :( I will try again later..you and me both, I got my sewing machine repaired last week and have been having a good time getting to know it again! Hugs Carole Z X