Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Try Again!

Back on my trusty lap top I am doing this post again! I think I will leave my mistake on my last post incase anyone knows why my photo didn't materialise from my iPad.
To say again, here is a little box, five sided, that I made from felt and pelmet vylene.

It was very fiddly but fun to make, especially finding my bits of glittery material for the decoration. The inside is lined with an Autumnal cotton and you open it by pulling the bead at the top and the pointy bits open up. I am getting to know my machine a bit better now! On to my next project, I wish sometimes I could spend all day playing! Something to look forward to I think! Thanks for looking. x


  1. Hi Barb, it is gorgeous! I did not leave a comment on the last two because I don't have an iPad so could not really help (sorry!). It was worth the fiddling, I love the glittery bits too and the lovely little feet. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Barb, this is fabulous! I hate blogging on my iPad, did it last year all through my holiday and most of the time was a nightmare, even commenting on it takes twice as long..anyway persistence was worth it because this is gorgeous! Hugs Carole Z X