Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ice Ice Ice Nice Iceland!

Hi everyone, I know that my blog is usually the bits and pieces I enjoy making but I had to change course a trifle and write about our fabulous long weekend in Iceland. Magical that's all I can say, we went with number 1 and number 3 daughter (no.2 is a mum and expecting  our second grandchild.)  It was a present from Kate our eldest as while we were away we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. One of the best trips I have ever been on I think!
The first day we donned sea gear and went whale watching and saw hump-backed whales and one of the first minky whales of the Spring that had been spotted.

iceland march 2014 014
This was a view from the boat, doesn't do it justice.
Here are the four of us in our sea going outfits, it was hysterical trying to get into them!
Even my eyeballs felt as if they were freezing at one point.
 This is a pair of show-offs that swam alongside the boat for quite a while, beautiful creatures.
We swam in the Blue Lagoon, the girls went horse riding over lava fields and then we did the Golden Circle tour where we visited stunning waterfalls:
Hot spurting Geysers:
Then chased the Northern Lights, but unfortunately in four nights we didn't see them, still a good excuse to return again in the future!
At about minus five degrees it was so cold! Still we were well wrapped up and the full moon was stunning.
Here is a fabulous sign that we spotted in Reykjavik:
iceland march 2014 034
Don't you just think Tim should turn this into a stamp? Brilliant! I didn't leave hubby in there though, he's my bestest friend and I wanted him with me,
Thanks Jack for 45 years of being with me, I love you to bits.
iceland march 2014 090
I  shall be back crafting asap. See you soon! x


  1. Wow, what super photos, looks like you had the most wonderful time! Thanks for sharing, Carole Z xx

  2. Wow Barb, what a fabulous post! You certainly packed a lot into your days away. You are right, Tim really should make that into a stamp, I hope you will send it to him! Your photos are brilliant and many congratulations on your 45 years together, that is a great achievement these days. Hugs, Anne xx