Wednesday, 5 March 2014

U.F.P's and the search for Mr Mojo!

I can't seem to get going properly and so have been absent on here for a while. I tried cleaning out the craftroom as several dear blog friends prescribed and it worked enough for me to get out and sort some UFP's that I hoped might clear the old brain cells and I thought I would share them here to show that I am not completely vanished off the planet!
Firstly, here is a crewel embroidery I keep picking up and down. It is to go with another one I finished in the nineties can you believe?

The next one is a log cabin quilt and although I have now got the backing I still have 6 more blocks to complete. It is made from Moda fabric and I love the colours. Goodness knows when I shall even begin quilting!
This is a warm little jacket for my darling Grandson, at this rate it will be finished in time for number 2 due in August!
I need to complete one more purple border for the lap blanket I have knitted ages ago! Come on Barb, get going!!
I did manage to make this for my youngest daughter who got engaged on Valentine day, I wanted to enter it for Hels Sunday Stamper several weeks ago, but couldn't complete in time.
I have fallen in love with a brown leather satchel handbag that was covered in butterflies, but at over £45 was a bit steep for me and so I am machine embroidering  a collection  and on the look out for a recycled school satchel and shall then worry about how to adhere them!
Lastly, here is a pattern I am longing to have sewn up with some lovely material I found on Ebay, but I have not got round to cutting it out yet.
Well, I hope I have shocked the old Mojo into action by showing you these and I hope very much that I haven't bored you! What am I like, hope I see you all very soon with something finished. Thanks for looking dear blog friends. xx


  1. I have not been bored at all, I am fascinated. I still have some needlework that I started in hospital in 1980, so I beat you hands down on that one! You really should finish the quilt, it is going to be stunning and your new pattern for your Ebay purchase is gorgeous. I also know which handbag you mean, I love it too, looking forward to seeing yours when you buy the bag and finish it! Lovely to see you back. Anne xx

  2. Loved your post and all the creations! I've been the same since Christmas...Mr Mojo comes in short bursts & it's getting very frustrating ! Hugs Carole Z xx